Meet The Maker

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Olena Androschuk first developed her love for sewing, while making doll dresses, alongside her grandmother. She later, perused her career in London, England, earning her Fashion Design Diploma, then training in several fashion houses, before meeting her future husband, from Munster, Ontario.

It was small town Canadian boy, falls in love with European City Girl, and convinces her to move here! After having her two boys, this momtrepreneur started her own label, named after her grandmother, Dominica Maazur. She started bringing her first small collections to local farmer’s markets, before deciding to open her own shop, along with the support of her husband, and two boys.

Olena chose Carleton Place, Ontario, as home to her design studio, after discovering the quaint charm of the town, it’s scenic beauty and friendliness. The Dress Shop was opened in 2013.

The shop has quickly become known as the gem of Carleton Place, and fashion hub for the Ottawa Valley. The beloved label boasts of high quality design and materials. All fabrics are made in Vancouver and Montreal. Mainly natural fibres are used, and custom alterations are offered, free of charge.

Every piece is made with love and care, and Olena designs her collections for real women, her patterns are cut for shape and curves. Her vision is “comfortable fashion”, why should you sacrifice comfort for fashion?! Enjoy moveable, breathable and comfortable fashion, while still turning heads!

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