Dominica Maazur

The In House designer, was born in the Ukraine and grew up in a small rural village.  After getting her degree in fashion design and technology from Kalynivka University, she spent time working in England for designers Tomas Stadjefski, Matthew Williamson and Bruce Olfeild.  In Ottawa she has worked for designers Richard Robinson and Muriel Dombret.

The Dominica Maazur line of women’s clothing was founded on quality workmanship, using only hand-developed patterns fitted to real women. Many clients remark how flattering and wearable the Dominica Maazur label is!

All items are crafted locally, using only Canadian materials, of predominantly natural and sustainable fibres, and made on-site in our studio. We have a beautiful line of bamboo, as well as some lovely hemp creations. The majority of our pieces are machine-friendly.


We strive toward ethical fashion, consciously reducing our carbon footprint by carefully selecting our fabrics out of Canada. We believe that Women’s clothing should be stylish and comfortable. The Dominica Maazur line of clothing is fashion-forward, eco-friendly and super-comfy! Come and get custom fitted!

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