The studio is starting to receive some formal fabrics. Production remains slow, but it is starting to open up. Below are just some of our pieces, in our Elegant Collection, for 2023. We are still limited in selection for formal. Take a peak at a few of our new designs! All made in house. Any size available, only while fabric lasts.

Elegant Wear

“Annabelle”, By: Dominica Maazur $229
“Victoire”, By: Dominica Maazur, $229
Georgia Jacket $ 325
“Bessie” by: Dominica Maazur. “Other colours available. $ 169

“Billianna in Vegan Leather, By: Dominica Maazur $169
“Lola”, in navy $249.00. Other colours available.
Bibi”, By: Dominica Maazur, $249
“Lola”, in pink textured, by: Dominica Maazur $249
The Annabelle Dress, in Floral Satin. $229
“Athina” in velvet, $249

The Athina Dress, in polka dot chiffon makes such a sweet vintage-inspired piece to wear to any semi formal event. This one could also be toned down, with a denim jacket or cardi. $249. Limited Edition!

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